Today, Perfected Tech is proud to announce our partnership with IBM StrongLoop and the release of our joint project, the StrongLoop Xamarin SDK.

IBM StrongLoop is a leading enterprise tech company that helps Fortune 500 companies and businesses be successful with Node-powered APIs. IBM StrongLoop is also the largest corporate contributor to the NodeJS v0.12 release. NodeJS is a technology that has been adopted by elite hi-tech companies such as LinkedIn, Walmart, upcoming startups, and many more. We are delighted that as a leader in the industry, IBM StrongLoop have decided to partner with Perfected Tech.

StrongLoop Xamarin SDK

Perfected Tech chose to work with StrongLoop’s technology out of a clear need for a framework solution that makes the development process for NodeJS projects successful. StrongLoop’s LoopBack framework is a clear leading solution for API development. Through our constant and outstanding commitment to innovation and refinement of the development process, we have created several in-house tools to cut down on development time. The StrongLoop Xamarin SDK tool is one in a series currently being used and saves Perfected Tech precious time on every project we undertake, from start to finish and well into maintenance.

The elimination of painful server integration and service layer coding means that we have seen an average time saving of 1/3 on app development with this SDK. For a service company, these savings are drastic, and they save our clients time and money.

Giving Back to The Community

With such drastic improvements, Perfected Tech felt the need to give back to the community. So, we partnered with IBM StrongLoop and made the Xamarin SDK open-source. In turn, IBM StrongLoop is offering its support for the SDK in its service options. You can find more information about this here.

In addition to having the code auto-generate server integration, one can fully leverage the advantages of Xamarin by practicing cross-platform development. The code generated by the SDK for Android can be used for iOS and vice-versa. The SDK can be used for any solution that supports the dot-net or mono runtime. Furthermore, the code generated gives developers access to strong-typed objects. These advantages in addition to numerous others are the reasons why Perfected Tech are grateful to give back to the community.

Example Application

We’ve created an example application that showcases some of the wonderful examples possible with the SDK. Some of these include server authentication, access token management, and collection query requests all done from the front-end without the need for programming server endpoints. Has a change in the server occurred? Just update the SDK and make any minor changes you have on your front-end, and you’re good to go. Stressful and painful development cycles have now been stomped into the ground.

Certainly, there is much further to go with this SDK. We hope that the community will see the interest and help continue to develop it. If you would like to find more technical information and see the example app we created, please visit here.

Free Strategy Session

Our expert team, equipped with the SDK and our other cost-saving tools, can build state-of-the-art applications at aggressively competitive rates. At Perfected Tech, we share our clients’ passion for their work! At the core of our values, which include being driven, transparent, and accountable, we believe in delivering value over and above our clients’ expectations while producing results at half the needed time and cost.

We invite you to contact us for a free 30-minute strategy session to define how we may serve you, create a development plan to elevate your business to the next level, and achieve extraordinary results!

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